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Updated Silent Sonata Plot and Characters

Silent Sonata

Fifteen year old Zoe Sabrina Chelsea Hamilton is a girl without a mother. Unlike divorced parents Zoe Sabrina lost her mother to AIDS. And it's likely before she graduates high school that she'll lose her father to the same disease. A budding magician and gifted piano player, Zoe Sabrina is preparing to attend Jonathan Larson High School for the Arts, the very same school her mother graduated from. Isolated from her aunts Erica and Pemberley, who have their own secret club and have always felt that Zoe Sabrina is the outsider, Zoe Sabrina makes her own friends at school. Graham Evanston, a fellow student in the music program entrances Zoe Sabrina with his passion for the music he can't hear. 

Shaking up Zoe Sabrina's world is the announcement that her grandparents Max and Lauren are divorcing and that her father's illness is worsening. Pulled into the drama of the divorce and wishing her mother was still with her, Zoe Sabrina delves deeper into her music and her relationship with Graham. 

The Hamilton Family

Zoe Sabrina "Sabrina" Chelsea Hamilton: 16; only child of Ithaca and Fitz Hamilton; was barely six years old when her mother died; lives with her father in an apartment on Columbus Circle; spends a lot of her time at the Avenue C loft with her grandparents; feels isolated from her aunts Erica and Pemberley who are only a few years older than she is; attends prestigious Jonathan Larson High School for the Arts, the same school her mother attended; is a talented pianist and budding magician; becomes best friends with Kirstin Burke; falls in love with Graham Evanston, a fellow student at Larson who is deaf; when her father dies she moves in with her godparents Camille and Jesse Banner; birthday June 11th, 2012 (As portrayed by Make It or Break It star Ayla Kell)

Ithaca Vianne Porter-Hamilton: deceased; Zoe Sabrina's mother; biological daugher of Stacey Mark, adopted daughter of Max and Lauren Porter; older sister of Ada and Kelsey Stewart and Erica Porter; married to Fitz Hamilton; was born with HIV; states in her will that if something were to happen to her or her husband her daughter would be raised by her godparents Camille and Jesse Banner; died when she was 27; birthday March 23rd, 1991, died July 18th, 2016 (As portrayed by Cyberbully star Emily Osmet)

Dr. Fitznathan Gerard "Fitz" Hamilton, MD: 39; Zoe Sabrina's father; married to Ithaca; attended Stanford Medical School and did his residency at Brooklyn Medical Center, specializes in pediatrics and immunology; has been a single father since wife Ithaca died; whenever someone asks him if he's going to get married again he says he's still married; tries very hard to be a good father to Zoe Sabrina; relies heavily on his wife's family to help him with Zoe Sabrina; as his health declines he sets up a trust for Zoe Sabrina and makes his best friend and his wife, Jesse and Camille Banner her guardians; birthday August 31st, 1987, died March 8th, 2029 (As portrayed by Sweet Home Alabama star Josh Lucas, in flashbacks by Scott Michael Foster)

The Porter Family

Max Andrew Porter: 58; Zoe Sabrina's grandfather; father of Ithaca & Erica Porter and Ada & Kelsey Stewart; godfather to Pemberley Stavros; married to Lauren; musician and producer; owner of Ada Records in New York; was heartbroken when Ithaca died; helps raise his granddaughter while Fitz completes his residency; doesn't want Zoe Sabrina to go to her godparents Camille and Jesse Banner but relents knowing it's what Ithaca and Fitz want; is having an affair with Alicia Bailey, his assistant; Lauren divorces him; birthday October 19th, 1968 (As portrayed by The Time Traveler's Wife star Eric Bana)

Lauren Julia Stewart-Porter: 55; Zoe Sabrina's grandmother; Ithaca's stepmother; mother of Ada, Kelsey and Erica; godmother of Pemberley Stavros; married to Max; runs a foundation for rehabilitating homeless women and children; discovers husband Max is cheating on her with his assistant; files for divorce and take daughter Erica back to Philadelphia; is heartbroken to learn of Fitz's failing health; wants Zoe Sabrina to move to Philadelphia with her; birthday February 22nd, 1971 (As portrayed by Hannibal star Julianne Moore)

Erica Amber Porter: 16; Zoe Sabrina's aunt; Max and Lauren's only biological child; best friends with Pemberley Stavros; isn't the biggest fan of Zoe Sabrina's, she and Pemberley do their best to exclude her; is heartbroken when her parents divorce; moves with her mother to Philadelphia; feels remorse about how she and Pemberley treated Zoe Sabrina after Fitz's dies; birthday November 23rd, 2010 (As portrayed by Victorious star Victoria Justice)

Kelsey Lauren Stewart: 23; Zoe Sabrina's aunt; Max and Lauren's adopted daughter; is blind; is in law school at Columbia; has her own apartment near the Columbia campus; is very independent; has a German shepherd named Thor who barks at everything; is best friends with Hadley Arvine with whom she shares her apartment; was very close to Ithaca and tries to be there for Zoe Sabrina; birthday September 5th, 2003 (As portrayed by Modern Family star Sarah Hyland)

Oft mentioned Ada Nichelle Stewart born May 4th, 1993 and passed away from adavancing AIDS on May 6th, 2002

The Stavros-Howard Family 

Pemberley Caitlin Stavros-Howard: 16; adopted daughter of Jett and Tricky; best friends with Erica Porter; doesn't do it on purpose but tends to not include Zoe Sabrina from things with her and Erica; is an extremely talented ballerina; attends a private dance academy; birthday April 19th, 2010 (As portrayed by Ender's Game star Hailee Stienfeld)

Philip Xavier "Tricky" Howard III: 64; Pemberley's adopted father; married to Jett; retired magician; teaches the trade to Zoe Sabrina; best friends with Max; refuses to take sides in Max and Lauren's divorce; is devestated when Jett has a stroke and is left paralyzed and without speech; birthday July 10th, 1962 (As portrayed by Benny & Joon star Johnny Depp)

Jethro Malachi "Jett" Stavros: 64; Pemberley's adopted father; married to Tricky; owns several boutiques across the country for his fashion line Tricky Stavros Designs; Camille Banner runs the West Coast operations for him; has a severe stroke mid winter that leaves him without speech and paralyzed; dotes on his daughter as much as he used to do with Ithaca; is close to Zoe Sabrina like he was with her mother; refuses to take sides in Max and Lauren's divorce; birthday December 12th, 1962 (As portrayed by Argo star Ben Affleck)

The Arvines & Banners

Arcadia Sophia Harris-Arvine: 56; retired NYPD detective; married to Albert Arvine; mother of twins Donny and Hadley; known as Aunt Arcadia to Zoe Sabrina; still a major part of the family; birthday January 18th, 1970 (As portrayed by Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham) 

Albert Donald Arvine: 59; retired NYPD detective; married to Arcadia; father of twins Donny and Hadley; known as Uncle Bert to Zoe Sabrina; close friends with Max, Jett and Tricky; still a major part of the family; birthday August 30th, 1967 (As portrayed by Miracle star Eddie Cahill)

Donald Albert "Donny" Arvine: 22; oldest child of Albert and Arcadia Arvine; twin brother to Hadley; is considered Zoe Sabrina's cousin; attended Syracuse on a football scholarship; works for the NYPD as a media liaison; plans to attend the academy and be a detective like his father; birthday December 18th, 2005 (As portrayed by Days of Our Lives star Chandler Massey)

Hadley Renee Arvine: 22; youngest child of Albert and Arcadia; is considered a cousin to Zoe Sabrina; is best friends with Kelsey Stewart; lives with Kelsey in an apartment near the Columbia campus; attends Columbia Law School; birthday December 18th, 2005 (As portrayed by Melissa & Joey star Taylor Spreitler)

Camille Michaela Reynolds-Banner: 35; Ithaca's former assistant and best friend; Zoe Sabrina's godmother; runs the West Coast operations of Tricky Stavros Designs and Oleander Jane Accessories; lives in Fitz and Ithaca's old house in San Francisco with husband Jesse; is Zoe Sabrina's guardian in the event of Fitz's death; is very close to Zoe Sabrina; is heartbroken when Fitz dies; birthday August 17th, 1991 (As portrayed by Bones star Michaela Conlin)

Jesse Todd Banner: 39; Fitz's best friend; married to Camille; godfather of Zoe Sabrina; operates a free clinic in San Francisco and helps with Lauren's foundation; is Zoe Sabrina's guardian in the event of Fitz's death; is inconsolable when Fitz dies; birthday February 8th, 1987 (As portrayed by Grey's Anatomy star Justin Chambers)

Faculty of Jonathan Larson High School for the Arts

Melinda Norman: Director/Principal of Jonathan Larson High School for the Arts; remembers Ithaca fondly (As portrayed by Brothers & Sisters star Calista Flockhart)

Audrey Essex: Girls Dance; dating Ryan Slater; former ballroom dancer (As portrayed by Step Up star Jenna Dewan-Tatum)

Dr. Gary Beyer: Chemistry and Biology general education (As portrayed by Bones star David Boreanaz)

James Reese: Piano Theory, Music Theory, Composing (As portrayed by Friends star Matthew Perry)

Paige Hendrix: Classical Vocal, Musical Theatre Vocal (As portrayed by Tony Award and Emmy Award winner Kristin Chenoweth)

Mr. Adam Little: Songwriting, Acting (As portrayed by True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard)

Mr. Justin Hall: Mathematics General Education (As portrayed by Doctor Who star David Tennant)

Mrs. Jolene Showers: Creative Writing, English General Education; remembers Ithaca fondly (As portrayed by Mamma Mia star Christine Baranski)

Mrs. Ursula Douglass: History; is the most hated teacher at Larson; is known for discriminating against an HIV-positive student (Ithaca); Zoe Sabrina is relased from her class (As portrayed by Grey's Anatomy guest star Debra Monk)

Ms. Victoria Baines McGinnis: Orchestra; used to play for the New York Philharmonic (As portrayed by Saving Grace star Holly Hunter)

Ryan Slater: Boys Dancer; former dancer with the American Ballet Theatre; dating Audrey Essex (As portrayed by ABT soloist Sascha Radetsky)

Zoe Sabrina's Friends & Classmates

Graham Marcus Evanston: 16; piano student at Larson; is deaf; falls in love with Zoe Sabrina; is there for her when her father dies; becomes good friends with Oberon Rachmann and Rascal Pettis; has an interpreter who has been with him since he was a kid; birthday April 24th, 2010 (As portrayed by Switched at Birth star Sean Berdy) 

Angela Claire Evanston: Graham's mother; is deaf but has the cochlear implant; is very involved and encouraging of her son and his musical ambitions (As portrayed by Miss America 1995, Heather Whitestone)

Anthony Forbes Evanston: Graham's father; is deaf but speaks well; is an architect; is very proud of his son's accomplishments (As portrayed by The Family Stone star Ty Giordano)

Tanner Gavin Olson: 30; Graham's interpreter; been with the Evanston's since Graham was a kid; is gay; the official time keeper for the group and keeps them from getting into too much trouble; birthday November 13th, 1996 (As portrayed by The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian star Ben Barnes)

Andrew Michael Hollander: 16; fellow music student; plays the trumpet in the jazz band; dating Kirstin Burke; birthday February 14th, 2010 (As portrayed by Sonny With a Chance star Sterling Knight)

Kirstin Emma Burke: 15; Zoe Sabrina's best friend at Larson; plays the harp in the school orchestra; has almost every class with Zoe Sabrina; dating Andrew Hollander but really like Oberon Rachmann; birthday May 18th, 2011 (As portrayed by Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch)

Meredith Sarah "Hobbit" Peregrin: 15; a dance student in Zoe Sabrina's clique at Larson; from a single parent household; comes home with Zoe Sabrina a lot to study; birthday August 10th, 2011 (As portrayed by Dance Moms star Paige Hyland)  

Oberon Titus Rachmann: 17; senior at Larson; jack of all trades; best friends with Rascal Pettis; starts dating Kirsten Burke after her breakup with Andrew Hollander; is Student Council President; lead percussionist in the school orchestra; birthday July 31st, 2009 (As portrayed by Harry Potter star Matthew Lewis)

Rascal Oliver Pettis: 17; film and acting student; senior; best friends with Oberon; dating Jaime Ling Wu; birthday July 3rd, 2009 (As portrayed by Bones star Luke Kleintank)

Jaime Ling Wu: 16; Music student at Larson; becomes one of Zoe Sabrina's best friends; dating Rascal Pettis; first chair cello in the school orchestra; birthday June 14th, 2010 (As portrayed by Glee star Jenna Ushkowitz)

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