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Jinx & Jinxability- A Jane Austen Inspired Comedy

Jinx & Jinxability

A Jinxed Girl's Look on Life

Jane Holly Austen hates her name. She really hoped that once the massive amounts of drugs in her mother's system wore off, Matilda Austen would have realized what she had done. She didn't. In addition to having possibly the worst name on the planet, Jane Austen has the worst luck in the entire world. If there's a chance for something to go wrong, it will. Her two best friends, her cousin Tarah and Amy feel like they spend more time keeping Jane as far from disaster as possible. 

Starting her sixth year at Somerset Academy, a boarding school in Northern California, Jane is determined to outsmart her bad luck. Like always disaster strikes and Jane the Jinx lives on. Now all of Brandon House hates her and the cute guy from Charles House is suddenly everywhere she is. But with Jane Austen, the author, as her guide, Jane takes the leap of faith and can only hope there's a soft landing. 

The Austen Family

Jane "Jinx" Holly Austen: 16; second of five, has all brothers; sixth year student at Somerset Academy, a co-ed boarding school in Northern California; her parents are professors at Stanford and they have a home in San Francisco; best friends with her sister-cousin Tarah and Amy Hartfield; is in Brandon House as are all her brothers; has the worst luck of anyone she has ever known, if the worst can happen to her, it usually does; falls for Miles Gilmore; is modeled after Marianne Dashwood (Sense & Senesibilty) and Elizabeth Bennett (Pride & Prejudice); birthday October 12th, 1997 (As portrayed by Bunheads star Bailey Buntain)

Roger Alan Austen: 48; Jane's father; is a meteorology professor at Stanford; used to be a storm chaser in Oklahoma during his college years; has just about as bad luck as Jane but not as badly; has been struck by lightening twice; is a kind and devoted father; attended Somerset Academy when he was in school with his brothers; was in Brandon House; took in his brother's daughter Tarah when he and his wife died; is modeled after Mr. Bennett (Pride & Prejudice) (As portrayed by America's Sweethearts star John Cusack)

Matilda Grace Saberhagen-Austen: 43; Jane's mother; is a botany professor at Stanford; claims she was whacked out on drugs when she decided on Jane's name; grows the most beautiful roses; is an involved mother, despite having her children at boarding school; attended Somerset Academy, but never met Roger Austen until years later; is modeled after Mrs. Bennett (Pride & Prejudice) (As portrayed by 13 Going on 30 star Jennifer Garner)

Harold "Harry" Roger Austen: 17; Jane's older brother; seventh year student at Somerset Academy; is the captain of the Brandon House soccer team; falls for new girl Claire Posen only to realize that it's Amy Hartfield, Jane's best friend, that he really wants; is Brandon House student liaison to the Headmistress, equivalent of being Head Boy; tries to keep the rivialry between Brandon and Charles to a minimum or out of the notice of the staff; is modeled after Charles Bingley (Pride & Prejudice); birthday March 18th, 1995 (As portrayed by The Fosters star David Lambert)

Thomas "Tommy" Joss Austen: 14; Jane's younger brother; is a fifth year student at Somerset Academy; is a soccer star like older brother Harry; is a major flirt and has a new girlfriend practically every week; is in Brandon House; starts a prank war with Charles House; openly calls his sister Jinx; is modeled after Lydia Bennett (Pride & Prejudice); birthday January 4th, 1999 (As portrayed by Modern Family star Nolan Gould) 

Dexter Anthony Austen: 13; Jane's younger brother; a third year student at Somerset Academy; is heavily into music; plays the trumpet in the lower grade marching band; has plans to join the Madison Scouts Drum Corp when he's older; is very quiet and studious; is caught in the crossfire of the Brandon-Charles feud; is closest to Jane; modeled after Mary Bennett (Pride & Prejudice); birthday April 23rd, 2000 (As portrayed by Game of Thrones star Isaac Hempstead-Wright)

Christopher "Kip"Riley Austen: 11; Jane's youngest brother; first year at Somerset Academy; is the first Austen to be placed in Charles House in three generations; feels like he's betraying his family by being in Charles, even goes as far as to request to be in Brandon; is taken under the wing of sixth year Charles student Miles Gilmore; hates being treated like the baby of the family; modeled after Kitty Bennett (Pride & Prejudice); birthday December 4th, 2002 (As portrayed by The Fosters star Hayden Byerly)

Tarah Rachel Austen: 17; Jane's sister-cousin; a sixth year student at Somerset Academy; has lived with Jane's family since her parents died when she was eight; was formally adopted by Jane's parents when she was twelve; along with Jane and Amy Hartfield, they are the queens of Brandon House; modeled after Charlotte Lucas (Pride & Prejudice) and Anne Elliot (Persuasion); birthday October 30th, 1996 (As portrayed by Sophie Tweed-Simmons)

Somerset Academy Students 

Amy Sadie Hartfield: 16; Jane's best friend; a sixth year student at Somerset Academy; family is from Portland, Oregon; stays with the Austen's during school holidays; Jane's mom claims she's the third Austen daughter; has a thing for Harry Austen; is in Brandon House; along with Jane and Tarah they are the queens of Brandon House; gets water ballooned during an assembly which sparks a heavier feud with Charles House; is modeled after Jane Bennett (Pride & Prejudice); birthday February 7th, 1997 (As portrayed by Switched at Birth star B.K. Cannon) 

Miles Farley Gilmore: 17; a sixth year student at Somerset Academy; is in Charles House; Jane's DLI; takes Kip Austen under his wing when Kip is placed in Charles House; has a crush on Jane, and hopes by looking out for her brother he'll score points with her; is on the soccer team with Harry; tries to end the feud between Brandon and Charles; is modeled after Col. Brandon (Sense & Sensibility) and Fitzwilliam Darcy (Pride & Prejudice); birthday March 12th, 1996 (As portrayed by Patrick Schwartzenegger) 

Claire Lavinia Posen: 16; Oliver Posen's twin sister; a sixth year student at Somerset Academy; form Reno; in Cassandra House; flirts extensively with both Harry Austen and Miles Gilmore; starts dating Harry only to be dumped for Amy Hartfield; is very snobbish and uptight; modeled after Caroline Bingley (Pride & Prejudice); birthday April 14th, 1997 (As portrayed by The Tudors star Tamzin Merchant) 

Oliver Louis Posen: 16; Claire's twin brother; a sixth year student at Somerset Academy; is in Charles House; from Reno; starts out trying to get with Tarah Austen but is slighted for Matthew Foxworth; plays on the soccer team; slightly more down to earth than sister Claire; modeled after George Wickham (Pride & Prejudice); birthday April 14th, 1997 (As portrayed by Austin & Ally star Ross Lynch) 

Matthew James Foxworth: 17; Harry Austen's best friend; a seventh year student at Somerset Academy; in Martin House; plays on the soccer team; doesn't understand the rivalry/feud between Brandon and Charles House; falls for Tarah Austen; modeled after Captain Wentworth (Persuasion); birthday July 7th, 1996 (As portrayed by Man of Steel star Dylan Sprayberry)

Somerset Academy Staff

Ms. Sylvia Trimble: Headmistress of Somerset Academy (As portrayed by Academy Award winning actress Kate Winslet)

Mr. Michael Colburn: Deputy Headmaster; Head of Charles House (As portrayed by The Emperor's  Club star Kevin Kline)

Mr. Elijah Goldberg: Science teacher; Head of Martin House (As portrayed by Doctor Who star Matt Smith)

Ms. Amanda Warren: Drama/English; Head of Cassandra House (As portrayed by Doctor Who star Billie Piper)

Mr. Jacob Grisham: History (As portrayed by Eureka star Colin Fergueson)

Mr. Jonathan Truscott: Mathematics; Head of Brandon House (As portrayed by CSI:NY star A.J. Buckley) 

Mrs. Willa Nelson: 70; the housekeeper for Brandon House; was the housekeeper when Roger Austen and his brothers; makes the best cookies on campus; has a special box in her room just for emergencies concerning Jane; acts as surrogate grandmother to the Brandon House students; is the only person Jonathan Truscott fears (As portrayed by Academy Award winning actress Faye Dunaway)