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Someday We'll Know Cast List

Someday We'll Know

Someday We'll Know is the continuing story of Ithaca Porter, as first introduced in There is No Easy Street. Someday We'll Know is a non-linear narrative focusing on three timelines: Ithaca and Fitz's first year in San Francisco, Ithaca's pregnancy with her daughter Zoe Sabrina and Ithaca's final year. A few new faces join the story; Jesse Banner, Fitz's best friend from college and business partner at the Market Street Free Clinic. Camille Reynolds, Ithaca's assistant, turned best friend. Heather and Grant Foster, Fitz's elder sister and her husband. Heather is no fan of Ithaca and feels that she isn't right for her brother and makes no qualms about voicing her opinion. And finally there's Mick, Fitz's older brother who is wayward and has no path. During his time living with Ithaca and Fitz he finds his passion and is able to finally stand on his own feet. After the birth of their daughter, Ithaca's health begins to fade. Twenty plus years being HIV-positive has taken it's toll on Ithaca, her case advances from HIV to full blown AIDS. 

The Hamiltons


Ithaca Vianne Porter-Hamilton: 19; married to Fitz; is HIV-positive; adopted daughter of Max and Lauren Porter; biological daughter of Stacey Mark, step-daughter of Beckett Tyler; older sister to Kelsey and Erica Porter; aunt to Pemberley Caitlin Stavros; goddaughter of Tricky Howard and Jett Stavros; mother to Zoe Sabrina Chelsea Hamilton; is terrified of being a mother; doesn't get along well with husband Fitz's family; birthday March 23rd, 1991 (As portrayed by Cyberbully star Emily Osment)

Fitznathan "Fitz" Gerard Hamilton: 25; Ithaca's husband; HIV-positive; son of Nathan and Adelaide Hamilton, deceased; his parents died on 9/11; younger brother of Michael and Heather Hamilton; father of Zoe Sabrina Chelsea; is adored by Ithaca's family; works at Benioff Children's Hospital in San Francisco and works with his best friend Jesse at a free clinic they have set up; is thrilled to be a dad; birthday August 31st, 1987 (As portrayed by Greek star Scott Michel Foster)

The Porters

Max Andrew Porter: 43; Ithaca, Kelsey and Erica's father; uncle to Pemberley Caitlin Stavros; best friends with Tricky Howard and Jett Stavros; is a musician and owns his own label; adores his daughters; is thrilled to be a grandfather; goes out of his way to help Ithaca and Fitz out; hates that they live in San Francisco instead of New York; birthday October 19th, 1968 (As portrayed by Lucky You star Eric Bana)

Lauren Julia Stewart-Porter: 40; Ithaca, Kelsey, and Erica's mother; married to Max; aunt of Pemberley Caitlin Stavros; is a counselor for parents raising HIV-positive children; adores all of her children; is thrilled to be a grandmother; adores Ithaca and Fitz can't wait for them to come back to New York; birthday February 22nd, 1971 (As portrayed by Hannibal star Julianne Moore)

Kelsey Lauren Stewart & Erica Amber Porter: Kelsey is 8-16 and Erica is 2-8

The Stavros-Howards

Jethro "Jett/Circe" Malachi Stavros: 48; married to Tricky; father of Pemberley Caitlin; best friends with Max; is like Ithaca's second father, she occasionally calls him Daddy; is semi-retired from the fashion business, raising his and Tricky's daughter; still preforms in drag at Paddywhacker's which he also owns; is absolutely thrilled to be an honorary grandpa; birthday December 12th, 1962 (As portrayed by Argo star Ben Affleck)

Philip "Tricky" Xavier Howard III: 48; Ithaca's godfather; married to Jett; father to Pemberley Caitlin; runs his family's businesses and charities; works for Magic of Laughter, a service oriented group of entertainers that tour children's hospitals bringing smiles to the kids; is a very talented magician; adores his daughter and can't wait to be an honorary grandpa; birthday July 10th, 1962 (As portrayed by Sweeney Todd star Johnny Depp)

Pemberley Caitlin Stavros-Howard: 2-8; Tricky and Jett's adopted daughter; born in Boston to Caitlin Stephens; she chose Tricky and Jett because of their desire to raise a baby; Pemberley is best friends with Erica Porter, Ithaca's sister; starts taking ballet lessons when she's three

Vianne Delia Howard: Tricky's mother; Ithaca's adopted grandmother; is best friends with Ophelia Stavros; adores all of her grandchildren; spoils them rotten (As portrayed by Who's the Boss? star Judith Light)

Ophelia Theresa Stavros: Jett's mother; Ithaca's adopted grandmother; owns a Greek bakery/cafe in Brooklyn; is best friends with Vianne Howard; adores all her grandchildren (As portrayed by Gilmore Girls star Liz Torres)

Additional Family & Friends

Arcadia Sophia Harris-Arvine: Ithaca's aunt; is a NYPD detective; married to Albert; mother to twins Hadley and Donny; been friends with Ithaca's family for seventeen years; is best friends with Lauren; birthday Januray 18th, 1970 (As portrayed by Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham)

Albert Donald Arvine: Ithaca's uncle; is a NYPD detective; married to Arcadia; father to twins Hadley and Donny; good friends with Max, Tricky and Jett for seventeen years; birthday August 30th, 1967 (As portrayed by CSI:NY star Eddie Cahill)

Donald "Donny" Albert & Hadley Renee Arvine: 6 year old twins for Albert and Arcadia

Heather Joanna Hamilton-Foster: 34; Fitz's sister; married to Grant Foster; has two kids, Kevin and Lucy; raised Fitz and brother Michael after their parents and baby sister died on 9/11; doesn't like Ithaca; tries to take Zoe Sabrina from Fitz and Ithaca; birthday April 12th, 1977 (As portrayed by Castle star Stana Katnic)

Grant Ellison Foster: 36; Heather's husband; Fitz's brother-in-law; has two kids with Heather, Kevin and Lucy; really likes Fitz and Ithaca and doesn't understand Heather's attitude towards them; works in finance; used to be an intern for Howard Industries; birthday July 24th, 1975 (As portrayed by August Rush star Jonathan Rhys Meyers)

Kevin Grant & Lucy Adelaide Foster: 7 and 5; Heather and Grant's son and daughter

Fitzmichael "Michael/Mick" August Hamilton: 26; Fitz's brother; raised by older sister Heather when their parents and baby sister died on 9/11; likes Ithaca and her family well enough; disagrees with Heather trying to get custody of niece Zoe Sabrina; comes to San Francisco for a visit and never leaves, to Ithaca's annoyance; birthday May 16th, 1985 (As portrayed by The Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg)

Jesse Todd Banner: 25; Fitz's roommate and best friend; opens a free clinic in San Francisco and asks Fitz to come help him run it; loves Ithaca and loves how happy his best friend is; is set up with Ithaca's assistant Camille Reynolds and they hit it off; is named godfather to Zoe Sabrina; birthday February 8th, 1987 (As portrayed by Drake & Josh star Josh Peck)

Camille Michaela Reynolds: 19; Ithaca's assistant at Tricky Stavros Designs San Francisco; rents the basement apartment from Ithaca and Fitz; is a fashion design student at the Art Institute of California; is set up with Jesse Banner and they hit it off; is named Zoe Sabrina's godmother birthday August 17th, 1991 (As portrayed by Nancy Drew star Emma Roberts)

Amber Hannah Howard: 19; Ithaca's friend from Larson; currently attends Berkley school of drama; used to bully Ithaca at school but they end up becoming good friends; friends with Giselle Locke; birthday April 26th, 1991 (As portrayed by iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove)

Giselle Cornelia Locke: 19; Ithaca's friend from Larson; accepted to Juilliard Drama; comes to visit Ithaca when she finds out she's pregnant; best friends with Amber Howard; birthday March 1st, 1991 (As portrayed by Switched at Birth star Cassi Thomson)

Dr. Gabriella Hightower: Ithaca's OB; works in tandem with Dr. Kensington, Ithaca's HIV specialist; has worked with several HIV-positive patients; strives to make sure that Ithaca and Zoe Sabrina are as healthy as possible; attended Northwestern University (As portrayed by Grey's Anatomy star Sara Ramirez)

Dr. Olivia Kensington: Ithaca and Fitz's HIV specialist; was a classmate of Dr. Dennis Bryant, their New York doctor; works in tandem with Dr. Gabriella Hightower, Ithaca's OB to make sure both Ithaca and Zoe Sabrina are healthy (As portrayed by Private Practice star KaDee Strickland)