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Funny Thing About Memory Cast

Funny Thing About Memory

Liberty "Libby" Charlotte Van Owen is far from the sparkling made up girl she pretends to be when at society balls. Libby, painfully shy, anxious and to her, unassuming. She is constantly under the shadows of her big profile family and the big personalities of her two close friends. Libby finds her solace in painting. Her father, who has remained single for most of her life begins to date again and the arrival of Nathan and his family sends Libby into a tailspin of emotions she is unable to deal with. Libby was adopted out of foster care when she was barely a toddler and has very little memory of her life before the adoption. Flashes of memory start to come back and Libby makes a discovery about her new siblings that is either going to send Libby to the deep end or be the one thing to pull her back.

Complicating her fragile state further is Jackson "Jake" Schafer, the reformed bad boy with an eye for her. Having never been in a relationship or ever really dated, Libby seeks the guidance of her fun loving aunt and her two best friends Savannah and Roxanne.

The Van Owen/Randolph-Jones Family

Liberty "Libby" Charlotte Van Owen (Isaacson): 16; only child of Ben Van Owen, younger sister of Zelda, Link and Pitt Tremaine; Ben adopted her from foster care when she was three; after her parents were killed in a house fire; doesn’t remember her siblings; was separated from them; finds her siblings by accident; is the apple of her dad, grandparents and aunt’s eye; unlike her genius level siblings Libby struggles with school; has intense insecurities about a lot of things; best friends with Savannah Hinton; falls for Jackson "Jake" Schafer; birthday December 2nd, 1996 (As portrayed by Bunheads star Kaitlyn Jenkins)

Benjamin Ianto Van Owen “Daddy”: 46; Libby’s dad; adopted Libby when she was three, after her parents were killed in a house fire; wasn’t aware she had siblings or he would have taken them all; is a local news anchor in San Francisco and consults with the Film Council; falls for Nathan Tremaine; when all the Tremaine kids are together Ben notices how similar they are to Libby; is a very attractive man, Libby says he is the hottest dad among her friends; birthday April 3rd, 1968 (As portrayed by Doctor Who/Torchwood star John Barrowman)

Suzanne Hilary Van Owen “Gran”: 64; Libby’s grandmother; lives on the top floor of Ben’s house; adores Libby, the only one to call her by her full name Liberty Charlotte; slightly micromanages her granddaughter, daughter and son’s lives, but means well; is on the board for the San Francisco Ballet, Opera and many of the museums; is part of the high society, wants Libby to be a proper lady, just like her; estranged from husband Carl, but refuses to get divorced as it would cause a scandal among her friends; birthday May 14th, 1948 (As portrayed by Air Force One star Glenn Close)

Carl Benjamin Van Owen “Pop-Pop”: 65; Libby’s grandfather; is rarely around; travels a lot for work; lives on a yacht in the San Francisco harbor; refuses to get divorced from Suzanne as it would cause a scandal among their friends; adores Libby and daughter Stephanie and spoils them as much as he wants; birthday August 19th, 1947 (As portrayed by Wall Street star Michael Douglas)

Stephanie Bettina Randolph Jones-Van Owen “Aunt Stephanie”: 32; Libby’s aunt; married to California state Senator Edward Randolph-Jones; adores her niece; planning to adopt like her brother did; travels back and forth from Sacramento and San Francisco often; used to be something of a wild child before meeting Edward; hates being a proper lady, but tolerates it for her mother's sake; feels more like Libby's big sister than her aunt; best friends with January Temple, her brother’s lawyer/assistant; birthday September 28th, 1980 (As portrayed by The Little Mermaid (B*Way) star Sierra Boggess)

Senator Edward Roland Randolph-Jones "The Senator": 35; Libby’s uncle; is a junior state senator for the state of California; Libby calls him "The Senator" at first because she didn't want her aunt to get married, now it's just funny; splits his time between Sacramento and San Francisco; likes the Van Owen family more than his own; has an older brother and sister; his mother lives around the corner from him; adores his niece; birthday October 12th, 1976 (As portrayed by True Blood star Ryan Kwanten)

The Tremaines

Nathan Jacob Tremaine: 46; adopted Libby’s brothers and sister; is the set/production designer at the news station where Ben works and the Film Council; falls for Ben and moves in with him; when his kids come to visit he notices how similar they are to Ben’s daughter Libby; birthday February 29th, 1968 (As portrayed by Private Practice/Miss Congeniality star Benjamin Bratt)

Zelda Grace Tremaine (Isaacson): 22; is Libby’s sister; was nine years old when her parents died in a fire; was separated from baby sister; adopted by Nathan Tremaine; currently at University of California Berkley Law school; plans on becoming White House Chief of Staff with her boyfriend Andre McIntire as president; birthday August 4th, 1990 (as portrayed by Friday Night Lights star Aimee Teegarden)

Link Jeffery Tremaine (Isaacson): 20; Libby’s brother; was seven years old when parents died in a house fire; lost track of baby sister; adopted by Nathan Tremaine; on track to graduate with highest honors at Stanford, plans to go on to medical school; birthday April 29th, 1992 (As portrayed by Glee star Chord Overstreet)

Pitt Alan Tremaine (Isaacson): 18; Libby’s brother; was five years old when his parents were killed in a house fire; adopted by Nathan Tremaine; currently enrolled at the UC Berkley on a baseball scholarship; birthday March 31st, 1994 (As portrayed by Suite Life star Cole Sprouse) 

Family Friends

January Elizabeth Temple “Aunt Jan”: 32; Ben’s lawyer/assistant; is best friends with Stephanie, Ben’s sister; of the two she is the more responsible one; adores Libby; acts more like a sister to Libby; birthday June 3rd, 1980 (As portrayed by One Tree Hill star Bethany Joy Galeotti)

Ryan Jacob Carlson: 33; January’s boyfriend; is a documentary filmmaker currently on location in the Artic; comes home for Christmas; acts like the younger brother Ben never had; June 22nd, 1979 (As portrayed by Pushing Daisies star Lee Pace)

Savannah Nicole Hinton “Savvy”: 16; Libby's best friend; her parents had a nasty divorce and her dad remarried a much younger woman; wishes she would have gone to Bali with her mother; would rather be a member of the Van Owen family than her own; is a sculptor; been dating girlfriend Roxanne James since the seventh grade birthday October 2nd, 1996 (As portrayed by Jane By Design star Erica Dasher)

Roxanne Emily James "Roxy": 17; Savannah’s girlfriend; been together since the seventh grade; puts up with the debutante stuff for Savvy; plays in a band; adores Libby the three girls are always together; birthday October 20th, 1995 (As portrayed by Atonement star Saoirse Ronan)

Jackson Henry Schafer “Jake”: 17; Libby’s love interest; youngest of four brothers, parents are in Congress; has long black dreadlocks and rides a motorcycle; enjoys being the black sheep of his family; is a recovery alcoholic and gambler; has had a crush on Libby for years; is her rock when she finds out about her siblings; birthday March 30th, 1995 (As portrayed by Jupiter Rising star Douglas Booth)

Doug Christian Hinton: 45; Savannah's dad; divorced and remarried; allows Savannah her freedom, much to the chagrin of his second wife Julianne; has a decent relationship with his ex-wife; was delighted when Savannah chose to stay in San Francisco with him instead of taking a "soul search" sabbatical with her mother Marcia; has always been uncomfortable with Ben Van Owen; eventually divorces Julianne and starts seeing Dr. Robbie Garrity; is an English teacher; birthday July 18th, 1967 (As portrayed by Arrested Development star Jason Bateman)

Julianne Dakota Hinton: 32; Savannah's step-mother; former Miss San Francisco and Miss California; is the stereotypical evil stepmother; married Doug Hinton; is very critical of everything step-daughter Savannah does; can't stand her friends, especially Libby; went to high school with Stephanie and January, which is why she doesn't like Libby; despises Marcia; birthday March 4th, 1980 (As portrayed by Fantastic Four star Jessica Alba)

Marcia Eden Doyle-Hinton: 45; Savannah's mother; currently lives in Bali on a "soul searching" sabbatical; unlike her uptight ex and his new wife, adores Savannah's artistic endeavors and all her friends; offered to bring Libby along to Bali; comes back to San Francisco at the height of Libby's downward spiral to knock some sense into her; tolerates Julianne but calls her a soul sucking leech to the girls; birthday January 30th, 1967 (As portrayed by BAFTA Award winning actress Helena Bonham Carter)

Dr. Roberta “Robbie” Sutton Garrity: 35; Libby’s therapist; started treating her when she was 12 for recurring nightmares; encourages Libby to broaden her horizons; is on hand the first few days after it is discovered that the Tremaine kids are Libby’s biological siblings; is a hopeless romantic; starts seeing Doug after he divorces Julianne; birthday April 3rd, 1977 (As portrayed by Bunheads star Sutton Foster)