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Newly Updated Cast of There is No Easy Street

"My life will never be what society considers normal. My life will never be easy or worry free. My life is not without controversy. I have loved and I have lost many dear friends in my short seventeen years of life. I don't pretend to be anything else than what I am. I am Ithaca Vianne Porter and I'm HIV-positive. I've been called many things in my life: Sullen, cross, anti-social, celebutante. But I am also a friend, a daughter, a sister, a survivor. Nothing that I say here is fictional or embellished. This is my story."

All Ithaca Porter ever wanted was life to be normal just once. How does Ithaca define normal? Not spending an entire Saturday in the ER because of the flu. Not wearing a mask to school in the winter. Not having to take seventeen different medications to stay alive. Normal is not being born with HIV. 

Ithaca's Friends & Family 

Ithaca Vianne Porter: main character; biological daughter of Stacey Mark and unknown father; daughter of Max Porter and Lauren Stewart; goddaughter of Philip “Tricky” Howard and Jethro “Jett” Stavros; best friends with Ada Stewart; is HIV-positive; in love with Fitznathan “Fitz” Hamilton; birthday March 23rd, 1991 (As portrayed by Violet Affleck at 3-5, Elle Fanning at 9-12 and Emily Osment)

Max Andrew Porter: Ithaca’s father; signed Ithaca’s birth certificate to keep her from going into foster care; is a musician; best friends with Tricky and Jett; in love with Lauren Stewart, eventually marries her; birthday October 19th, 1968 (As portrayed by Skander Keynes at 19-22, Josh Groban at 22-30 & Eric Bana)

Lauren Julia Stewart-Porter: Ada's mother; long time girlfriend of Max's, eventually marries him; adopts a little girl from Korea; lives in Philadelphia; worked in a bank while going to school; runs a foundation for mothers with HIV-positive children; becomes very good friends with Arcadia Arvine; adores Jett/Circe and Tricky; birthday February 22nd, 1971 (As portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard 18-30 & Julianne Moore)

Stacey Lianne Mark: Ithaca's mother; recovering cocaine and heroin addict; has basically not been a part of Ithaca's life while she was growing up; Max's ex-girlfriend; is hated by Jett/Circe, tolerated by Tricky; hates Lauren with a passion, has tried on several occasions to break up Max and Lauren; current girlfriend of Beckett Tyler; is HIV-positive, but asymptomatic for years; passed the disease in utero to Ithaca; birthday January 12th, 1972 (As portrayed by Meaghan Jette Martin at 15-20 & Jessica Capshaw)

Philip Xavier "Tricky" Howard III: Ithaca's godfather; former street magician; prominent stage magician; been with husband Jett since he was 20; adores Ithaca and would do anything for her; best friends with Max; has over 70 tattoos, including a 9/11 tribute on his foot for his father, who died in the North Tower; becomes the unenthusiastic chairman of his parents' business/philanthropy ventures; birthday July 10th, 1962 (As portrayed by James McAvoy at 25-30 & Johnny Depp)

Jethro Malachi "Jett/Circe" Stavros: Ithaca's godfather; fashion designer and drag queen; performs with a drag show called The Avenue A Girls; dotes on Ithaca; has been with husband Tricky since he was 20; best friends with Max; hates Ithaca's real mother Stacey with every fiber of his being; birthday December 12th, 1962 (As portrayed by Ben Barnes at 25-30 & Ben Affleck)

Philip Xavier Howard II: Tricky's father; Ithaca's adopted grandfather; is a very stern, stoic man; cut Tricky off when he dropped out of business school; the only people who can get him to smile is Ithaca and Ada; to everyone else he is Mr. Howard but to Ithaca and Ada he is Papa Howard; died on 9/11, his finance company was in the South Tower (As portrayed by James Caan)

Vianne Delia Howard: Tricky's mother; Ithaca's adopted grandmother; is a high cultured woman of society; dotes on Ithaca something fierce; becomes good friends with Ophelia Stavros; didn't agree with cutting Tricky off; lost husband on 9/11 (As portrayed by Judith Light)

Ophelia Theresa Stavros: Jett's mother; Ithaca's adopted grandmother; raised Jett by herself after her husband was killed in Vietnam; adores her son; dotes on Ithaca (As portrayed by Liz Torres)

Ada Nichelle Stewart: Lauren's adopted daughter; Ithaca's best friend; is HIV-positive; is adopted by Ithaca's family; dies from complications of advancing AIDS; birthday May 4th, 1991, died May 10th, 2002 (As portrayed by Mary-Charles Jones)

Albert Donald Arvine: New York City police detective; married to Arcadia; has four year old twins Hadley and Donny; good friends with Max, Tricky and Jett; birthday August 30th, 1967 (As portrayed by Eddie Cahill)

Arcadia Sophia Harris-Arvine: New York City police detective; married to Albert; has four year old twins Hadley and Donny; best friends with Lauren; birthday January 18th, 1970 (As portrayed by Lauren Graham)

Dr. Tyson McKenzie: Chief of Pediatric Medicine at the Brooklyn Medical Center; first diagnosed Ithaca with HIV; is forever trying to get Fitz to come work for him; played defensive tackle for the New York Giants before going to medical school (As portrayed by Sharif Atkins)

Dr. Dennis Bryant: HIV/AIDS specialist; is Ithaca and Fitz's primary doctor; was Ada's doctor (As portrayed by Patrick Dempsey)

Miss Helene Cottonwell: the receptionist for the ER at the Brooklyn Medical Center; has been at the hospital longer than anyone can really remember; never one to tell you something twice; adores Ithaca (As portrayed by Aretha Franklin)

Fitznathan Gerard "Fitz" Hamilton: Ithaca's boyfriend; a nurse in the ER; is constantly being asked to go work in pediatrics with Dr. McKenzie; is HIV-positive; moves to San Francisco to run a shelter/community center with a college buddy; marries Ithaca; birthday August 31st, 1987 (As portrayed by Scott Michael Foster)

Beckett Tyler: Stacey's boss and eventual boyfriend; star of Upstairs with Everlasting Love (As portrayed by Jason Lewis)

The Avenue A Girls Drag Troupe

Alan a'Dale/Maid Marian: One of Jett's closest friends and member of the drag troupe; is the excuetive pastry chef at Strawberry Shortcake, the best bakery in the East Village; helps Max, Jett and Tricky come up with the AZT Dance (As portrayed in and out of drag by the incomparable RuPaul)

Harry Samuels/Oleander Jane: One of Jett's closest friends and member of the drag troupe; is a milliner; had AIDS, died when Ithaca was 14; helps Max, Jett and Tricky come up with the AZT Dance (As portrayed in and out of drag by the fabulous Alexis Mateo)

Josiah McIntire/Jessica Lane: One of Jett's closest friends and member of the drag troupe; is a stand up comedian and waiter; does drag full time; helps Max, Jett and Tricky come up with the AZT Dance (As portrayed in and out of drag by the wonderful Delta Work)

Marcus Hawthorne/Abigail Moore: One of Tricky's closest friends and member of the drag troupe; is a flight attendant with British Airways; helps Max, Jett and Tricky come up with the AZT Dance (As portrayed in and out of drag by the luscious Pandora Boxx)

Micah Haskins/Crystal Claire: One of Jett's closest friends and member of the drag troupe; is a stock broker; helps Max, Jett and Tricky come up with the AZT Dance (As portrayed in and out of drag by the hilarious Mimi Imfurst)

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