Sunday, September 25, 2011

Finalized Dream Cast of Indiana Jones Never Mentioned This

Finalized and updated Dream Cast of Indiana Jones Never Mentioned This

Veronica Lydiah Sinclair: 18; only child of Drs. Randall Sinclair and Khristina Gregory-Sinclair; born in Alexandria, Egypt, carries Egyptian passport; has spent less than six months of her life in the United States; is “banished” to the states to finish school; rejoins her family in Egypt with her uncle Liam Larson and his honors history students for a dig in Luxor; falls in love with Aaron Holbein, the Bethlehem University student working with her father; speaks fluent Arabic, English, and Hebrew; Jewish in religion (As portrayed by Demi Lovato)

Dr. Randall James Sinclair: 57; Veronica’s father; former United States Marine; doctor of Archeology and Egyptology; spent most of his time in Egypt and Israel; very rule oriented and no nonsense; married Khristina Gregory in Bethlehem; speaks Arabic, English and Hebrew; adopted the Jewish faith with wife and daughter; doesn’t like people; rivals with Dr. Robert Wexler (As portrayed by Gerard Butler)

Dr. Khristina Louisa Gregory-Sinclair: 47; Veronica’s mother; doctor of Archeology and linguistics; is of Egyptian and British descent; adopted by Marilyn and Andrew Larson when she was 10; adopted sister to Liam Larson; speaks Arabic, English. Greek and Hebrew and is able to read ancient Egyptian; is Jewish by choice like daughter Veronica (As portrayed by Ashley Judd)

Liam Edwin Larson: 35; Veronica’s uncle; Khristina’s brother; lives in Macon, GA; teaches honors history; takes four of his students on a dig in Karnak hosted by the Drs. Sinclair; is the closest thing to a best friend that Dr. Randall has; struggles with Arabic; is always being set up on blind dates by his mother and Bubbe Gretel; falls for and marries Johanna Lowe, his sister’s assistant (As portrayed by Bradley Cooper)

Johanna Elisa Lowe: Dr. Gregory-Sinclair’s assistant; is set up with Liam by Bubbe; marries Liam while he is in Karnak; used to be Veronica’s tutor (As portrayed by Amy Adams)

Casey Melissa Dennis: 16; going into her senior year of high school; Liam’s best student; avid photographer; youngest of three ; parents are not as well off as Deacon, Josie and Taggart’s families; almost didn’t get to come on the dig; bonds quickly with Veronica; admires Deacon from afar; is paired with Deacon and Dr. Gregory-Sinclair for the internship (As portrayed by Ayla Kell)

Deacon Jensen Talbot: 17; going into his senior year of high school; is Liam’s best student and TA; rebuffs attention by Josephine Masterson; cares a great deal for Casey Dennis; best friends with Taggart Bolton; is an only child from a wealthy Macon family; is paired with Casey and Dr. Gregory for the internship (As portrayed by Cody Longo)

Taggart “Tag” Adam Bolton: 17; going into his senior year of high school; one of Liam’s students; is Deacon’s best friend; adores Josephine Masterson but she won’t give him the time of day; oldest child of five, three younger sisters and one younger brother; plans to go into the Air Force to help with college; is paired with Josephine and Dr. Sinclair for the internship (As portrayed by Nathan Kress)

Josephine “Josie” Marie Masterson: 16; going into her senior year of high school; one of Liam’s students; is a very prissy and girlie-girl; adores Deacon and tolerates Tucker; gets on Veronica’s nerves early on with her superficial behavior and vanity; flirts extensively with Nicholas Wexler; is the only child of wealthy Macon widower; is paired with Taggart and Dr. Sinclair for the internship (As portrayed by Tiffany Thornton)

Bubbe Gretel Rosencrantz: 70; Veronica’s Jewish nanny; accompanies her to the states during Veronica’s “banishment”; teaches pre-school at the local synagogue; cares a great deal for Veronica and her family; cares for the family’s two Dobermans Isis and Sokar; is the family yenta (matchmaker/gossip); plans to marry off Liam by the end of the summer (As portrayed by Meryl Streep)

Aaron Moses Holbein: 24; Bethlehem University grad student working with Dr. Sinclair; falls in love with Veronica; rivals with Nicholas Wexler for Veronica’s attention; is not really who he seems; speaks Arabic, broken English and Hebrew (As portrayed by Jackson Rathbone)

Dr. Robert John Wexler: 57; curator at the Cairo Museum; former archeology professor at Cambridge; once dated Khristina; rivals with Dr. Randall Sinclair; aims to discredit the find in Karnak; sends son Nicholas to oversee the operation; the chief financier of the dig (As portrayed by Pierce Brosnan)

Nicholas “Nick” Henry Wexler: 22; son of Dr. Robert Wexler; is a very cocky and jerky person; is at his father’s beck and call; helps Dr. Wexler to discredit the artifacts found in Karnak; likes Veronica but she can’t stand him; hates Aaron Holbein; flirts with Josie until told she’s only 16; the only one besides her mother who calls Veronica “Roni” (As portrayed by Ben Barnes)