Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Writer's Adventure in Baking

Objective: To make a vintage candy to sell at a vintage sale.

Outcome: A new kind of frosting and an amazing cookie....

This week I decided I was going to make some goodies to take to Vintage Habitat, a vintage sale in my hometown, where good friends of mine were going to be selling their handmade accessories. (Links to their Esty sites will be at the bottom of this blog). I decided I would make Divinity, a candy that my great-grandmother used to make all the time. So the candy itself was going to fit in with the vintage feel of the show. To make this candy you have to boil sugar, corn syrup and water and then pour it slowly into stiff beaten egg whites. This is where the disaster happened.

In the background of all this is my grandfather who refuses to turn up his hearing aids so the TV is at like a thousand decibels, which makes it hard to hear candy "crack" in cold water. So somewhere in between the sugar not boiling long enough or the sugar and eggs not getting beaten long enough, I came out with a candy in the form and consistancy of marshmallow cream.

After letting the candy freeze hoping it would set up I ended up dumping them back into the mixing bowl and beat three cups of powdered sugar into the mix and came out with a great tasting frosting. I then made cookies and put the new frosting between them and created what I now call "Vintage Cookies". They are a cross between a chocolate cookie and a moonpie. They were really good too.

So in conclusion, next time I'll just make something I know I'll be able to make well and go from there.

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