Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Art of my book "Beneath the Surface"

So a few months ago my old roommate Amanda and I got talking about my book "Beneath the Surface" (working title). We got to talking about my imaginary friends and what they looked like. Over the next few weeks through pencil and sketchbook my characters came to life. Enjoy!
This guy below is Tyler Ian Morris, boyfriend to Halle Valmont.

Loveable and geeky to the very core: Halle Valmont and Tyler Morris

This is Emma Noelle Ross. In the course of the book she goes from having a sweet demenor and look to a hard edge. We created the mirror image of her with each look.

This stern looking guy is Mollie's older brother Sebastian Riley Reynolds. With motives to join the Marines we put him in a USMC sweatshirt.

Once enemies Mollie and Maddie Kingsly spawn a wonderful friendship.

Bottom row: Becca Cornwallis and Emma Ross. Top Row: Mollie, Joella, Maddie and Halle.

Best friends at the beginning Emma and Mollie.

The colorized version of my main character Mollie Hannah Reynolds.

Best buddies and partners in crime and mishcheif; Jesse Valmont and Matt Montgomery

A date being spied on: Matt and Becca with Becca's little brother Chad in the background

Mischievous and all-around good guy: Matthew Edward Montgomery III

A future image of Matt and Becca's little girl Matana Edith Montgomery

Best friends and football stars: Sebastian and Marc O'Ryan

Beauty and Brawn: Joella Constable and Marcus O'Ryan

Footballer and pretty boy: Marcus Gregory O'Ryan

Maddie Kingsly and her bad boy Frankie. A play on the cover art of the first season DVD of Veronica Mars

Fashionista, bitch, street racer: Maddie Tina Kingsly

The "Anywhere But Here Girl": Joella "Jo" Nicolette Constable

Back when they were happy: Jesse Valmont and Emma Ross

Drummer and Prep: Jesse Blair Valmont

Overachiver, Nerd, and Twin Sister of Jesse: Hallelujah "Halle" Renee Valmont

Simple Love: Casper Lang and Mollie

Love of Matt's Life, sweet and shy: Becca Christianne Cornwallis

Best Friends: Becca, Jo and Halle

And finally my absolute favorite fictional man: Outdoorsy, goofy and loveable: Casper Mitchell Lang

"I fell in the lake."