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Beauty Like Columbines Cast of Characters

Beauty Like Columbines

A Novel of Perseverance and Courage 

"To live in the delta of the Mississippi River takes courage, tenacity and dumb luck. My city, the Crescent City, Big Easy, New Orleans, Louisiana we have all of the above and more. We’re the people with sandbags at the ready, generators always prepped with spare gas cans and we know how to drive in rain that’s coming down, sideways and up. We survived Hurricane Katrina. And just when we got our pride and dignity back after an amazing Super Bowl win, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill happened to let karma kick our ass. But come hell and high water, I never want to live anywhere else."

Seventeen year old Bennett St. Regis believes in three things: Fairies, football and weather reports. Since Hurricane Katrina made landfall in late August of 2005, Bennett's life changed dramatically. When the water finally receded, the only home she had ever known was beyond repair. Relying on the kindness of family friends Christopher and Jacqueline Warren, the St. Regis family pushed on. 

Bennett, now a senior in high school, lives full time with the Warrens helping them care for their daughter Adelaide. Six months post a rotten relationship, Bennett has decided to spend her senior year focusing on Saints football and her dream of Tulane University. Then arrives Leo Warren, Christopher's estranged nephew from Boston and shakes up everything Bennett thought she knew about love. 

Bennett's Parents & Grandparents

Bennett Adrian St. Regis: 17; youngest child of Baron St. Regis II and Jenny Kirk; younger sister to Baron III aka Saint; older sister of Beau, Brett, Basil and Bonnie; step-daughter to Cecily Maitland; named after her grandmother Naomi Bennett; best friends with Larisa Wilkinson and Nina Carmichael; ex-girlfriend of Court Cunningham; falls in love with Leopold Warren, the nephew of  family friends Christopher and Jacqueline Warren; works as a nanny/housekeeper for the Warrens; also works at Maitland Florist & Herbs, a family run business; is an avid New Orleans Saints fan; birthday October 16th, 1995 (As portrayed by Jessie star Debby Ryan)

Baron James St. Regis, II: 45; Bennett's father; divorced Bennett and Saint's mother when Bennett was a year old; got custody of both children; remarried Cecily Maitland, a woman fifteen years his junior, in 2001; has four more children with Cecily: Beau, Brett, Basil and Bonnie; is a decorated New Orleans police officer; owner of Saints sideline season tickets; only child of Baron I and Naomi; birthday March 22nd, 1967 (As portrayed by Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers star Karl Urban)

Cecily Sarah Maitland-St. Regis "Mama Cece": 30; Bennett and Saint's step-mother; mother of Beau, Brett, Basil and Bonnie; married Baron when she was 21, is fifteen years his junior; recently graduated from law school and is working with Christopher Warren; is best friends with Jacqueline Warren; is the only child of Daniel and Charlene Maitland; younger half-sister of Richard and Jessa Maitland; birthday May 12th, 1982 (As portrayed by One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush)

Naomi June Bennett-St. Regis "Meme": 67; Bennett's grandmother; Baron's mother; is a nurse; loves to travel; adores all her grandchildren; has the family over every Sunday after mass for brunch; birthday January 16th, 1945 (As portrayed by Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon)

Baron James St. Regis, I "Pop-Pop": 70; Bennett's grandfather; Baron's father; retired New Orleans fire chief; travels with his wife Naomi; former owner of the family's Saints season tickets, gave them up when he retired, attends games occasionally; adores his grandchildren; has the family over every Sunday after mass for brunch; birthday February 18th, 1942 (As portrayed by Academy Award winner Kevin Costner)

Charlene Melody Maitland "Meme Char": 50; Cecily's mother; Bennett's grandmother; lives near the Audubon Zoo; spoils her grandchildren; like her daughter married a man much older than she; birthday April 25th, 1961 (As portrayed by Emmy award winner Genie Francis)

Daniel Wade Maitland "Grandaddy or D.W": 60; Bennett's grandfather; is a the oldest child of Samuel and Sally Anne Maitland; older sister to Rhetta; father of Richard, Jessa and Cecily; is a successful lawyer; Cecily and Christopher are associates at his firm; his father Samuel lives with him and Charlene; birthday July 10th, 1951 (As portrayed by Miami Vice star Don Johnson)

Charlotte Pauline Maitland "Miss Lettie": 97; Bennett's great-great grandmother; used to run a very successful florist, which has sense been taken over by her granddaughters; still has her say in much of what goes on at the shop; lives with granddaughter Rhetta as she refuses to go into a home; her husband Hannibal was killed in WWII; she never remarried; was an excellent cook as she learned from her family's maid growing up (As portrayed by Dame Angela Lansbury) 

Samuel Vance Maitland "Poppa Monday": 78; Bennett's great-grandfather; only son of Hannibal and Charlotte Maitland; married Sally Anne Howell; father of Daniel and Rhetta; lost his beloved wife Sally Anne in 2002; lives with son Daniel; birthday May 7th, 1934 (As portrayed by M*A*S*H star Gary Burghoff)

Lucas Baron St. Regis: deceased; Bennett's great-grandfather; Baron I's father; was the original owner of the Saints season tickets, purchased them during the inaugural season; fought in WWII; birthday June 3rd, 1922

Rebecca Watson-St. Regis: deceased; wife of Lucas; Baron I's mother; birthday November 12th, 1925

Hannibal Preston Maitland: deceased: Bennett's great-great grandfather; Miss Lettie's husband; father of Samuel; died in occupied France during WWII; birthday October 20th, 1912

Sally Anne Howell-Maitland: deceased; Bennett's great-grandmother; wife of Samuel; mother of Daniel and Rhetta; birthday December 15th, 1936

Bennett's Siblings & Extended Family

Baron James St. Regis, III "Saint": 19; Briony's older brother; is nicknamed Saint by his friends and family; is in the Air Force Academy in Colorado; is a legend at King George High School; has been a relationship with his sister's best friend Larisa Wilkinson since he was a junior; got his pilot's license before his driver's; holds the record for most broken windows in King George High School baseball history; birthday April 15th, 1993 (As portrayed by High School Musical star Zac Efron) 

Beau Maitland St. Regis: 8; Bennett's younger half-brother; goes to a math and science heavy magnate school; doesn't relate well to older brother Saint or Dad; blew up Miss Lettie's garden shed with a homemade rocket; is very much a momma's boy; birthday December 3rd, 2004 (As portrayed by Shake it Up star Davis Cleveland) 

Brett Marie St. Regis: 4; Bennett's younger half-sister; goes to a private preschool; is very much a girly-girl; adores her big sister; birthday April 21st, 2008 (As portrayed byGood Luck Charlie star Mia Talerico) 

Basil Noah and Bonnie Nadine St. Regis: twins; born within the narrative; Briony's youngest brother and sister

Richard Samuel Maitland "Uncle Rich": 38; Bennett's uncle; Cecily's older half-brother; is a judge; married to Mary Anne; has two boys; adores his nieces and nephew; birthday December 31st, 1974 (As portrayed by NCIS star Sean Murray)

Mary Anne Charles-Maitland "Aunt Mary Anne": 33; Bennett's aunt; Cecily's sister-in-law; married to Richard; mother of Fredrick and Charles; is Chief Nursing Officer at New Orleans Children's Hospital; is originally from London; met Rich while vacationing in New Orleans; birthday March 12, 1979 (As portrayed by Academy Award winner Charlize Theron)

Charles Richard and Fredrick Anthony Maitland "Charlie and Ricky": 8 and 6; children of Reggie and Mary Anne; Charles and Beau are good friends

Jessa Karen Maitland "Aunt Jessa": 35; Cecily's half-sister; Bennett's aunt; runs her great-grandmother's florist shop in the Garden District; is teaching Bennett about running the shop, about the flowers, arranging act; birthday August 23rd, 1977 (As portrayed by The Holiday star Cameron Diaz)

Georgina Suzanne Tucker "Aunt Georgie": 58; Richard and Jessa's mother; still on good terms with the whole family; allows Cecily and her family call her Aunt Georgie; birthday November 30th, 1954 (As portrayed by A Few Good Men star Demi Moore)

Rhetta Celie Maitland "Auntie": 56; Cecily's aunt; works with Jessa at the shop; Miss Lettie lives with her as she refuses to go into a home; birthday April 20th, 1956 (As portrayed by Groundhog Day star Andie McDowell)

Bennett's Friends & Classmates

Christopher David Warren: 32; younger brother of Marissa, the black sheep of his family; a lawyer in D.W's firm; married to Jacqueline and have one daughter Adelaide; is Leo's uncle; allows the St. Regis family to move in with his family when they lose their house in the hurricane; becomes good friends with Baron; employs Bennett as a nanny/companion for Adelaide; birthday June 25th, 1977 (As portrayed by Star Trek star Chris Pine) 

Jacqueline Marie Huntington-Warren "Miss Jacey": 30; is an interior designer; best friends and roommate Cecily in college; was maid of honor at Cecily's wedding; allows the St. Regis family to move in with her family when they lose their house to the hurricane; mother of Adelaide; married to Christopher; aunt to Leo; birthday January 21st, 1981 (As portrayed by Grey's Anatomy star Chyler Leigh) 

Adelaide Bonnie Warren "Addie/Teapot": 6; daughter of Christopher and Jacey; has many allergies and health conditions; can't play outside for too long; loves having Bennett as her nanny; birthday May 10th, 2006 (As portrayed by Madeline O'Brien) 

Larisa Elizabeth Wilkinson: 17; Bennett's best friend; been dating Saint since she was a freshman; hates Court Cunningham with a fiery passion; encourages Bennett to go out with Leopold Warren; is very preppy and popular; birthday May 30th, 1995 (As portrayed by Castle star Molly C. Quinn) 

Leopold Christopher Warren "Leo": 17; nephew of Christopher Warren; is from Boston; moves to New Orleans to get away from his crazy mother Marissa; initially gets on Bennett's bad side; eventually falls in love with her; befriends Saint when he comes home for break; birthday April 27th, 1995 (As portrayed by Phil of the Future star Raviv "Ricky" Ullman) 

Nina Sharon Carmichael: 17; Bennett's other best friend; feels left out when Bennett starts dating Leo; birthday August 3rd, 1995 (As portrayed by The Lying Game star Allie Gonino)

Court Foster Cunningham: 17; Briony's ex-boyfriend; treated Bennett very badly; starts dating Nina Carmichael; gets into several fistfights with Leo; has hated Larisa since kindergarten and the feeling is mutual; birthday April 10th, 1995 (As portrayed by Magic Mike star Alex Pettyfer)

Miss June Maple: 60; the lonely spinster secretary at King George High School; has two purebred poodles Goldie and Kurt; is known for giving out hall passes without dates (As portrayed by Harry Potter star Julie Walters) 

Peri Anne Hollier: 28; Bennett's Home Ec teacher; is engaged to a fireman; is Bennett's favorite teacher; helps Nina and Bennett press charges against Court (As portrayed by Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss)

Dr. Stevie Diane Quimby: 36; goes by Miss Stevie with her patients; is Meredith's doctor; her practice is near the Tulane University campus (As portrayed by Drew Barrymore)

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Stormcreek Plantation

Stormcreek Plantation 

A Novel of Horses, Family & Love

When Echo Dennis was one her grandmother bought her a rocking horse for Christmas. When she was three she got a stick horse. Then a year later, she was watching the daytime coverage of the Sydney Olympic games and caught sight of the ladies in long black coats on the most beautiful horses Echo had ever seen. From that moment on she knew what she wanted to do. Someday she would be one of those ladies competing for gold at the Olympics. 

With the love and support of her family, Echo trains her PRE Flyleaf in English Dressage and Show Jumping. While waiting for her dad and grandparents houses to sell she lives out at her aunt and uncle's plantation, training and taking care of the other creatures that live on the farm. Her biggest competition in the ring is Brittany Cumberland. The girls have been competing against each other since the pony leagues. Their rivalry intensifies when Deacon Cabot, the object of both girl's desires chooses Echo over Brittany. 

On the eve of the National Jumping Finals, Echo's beloved grandmother Gloria suffers a stroke and is hospitalized. The worry for her grandmother, causes Echo to lose confidence in herself and she eats dirt, leaving her unable to attend the World Championships. With her dreams up in the air, how will Echo make it to the London Games?

The Dennis Clan

Echo Catherine "EC" Dennis: 16; only daughter of Eli Dennis and Amanda Tannen; mother Amanda left Echo on her grandparent's doorstep when she was a month old and has never been heard from since; step-daughter of Holly Mae Marshall; half-sister of Elijah Dennis; is a Grand Prix level English Dressage and Show Jumping rider; plans on being the youngest gold medalist; lives with her Aunt Melanie and Uncle Ty while her father and grandparents sell their houses; has trained her PRE horse Flyleaf from a colt; secretly in love with Deacon Cabot; best friends with Taggart Bolton; arch-rivals with Brittany Cumberland; birthday July 18th, 1995 (As portrayed by country music star Lauren Alaina)

Eli Michael "Daddy" Dennis: 36; Echo's father; had Echo when he was 19; raised Echo with the help of his parents; met and fell in love with Holly Mae Marshall when Echo was five; has a son with Holly Mae; finally proposes to Holly Mae on Mother's Day; is selling his house in Charleston and moving to Stormcreek Plantation to ease Echo's commute to train with Flyleaf; supports Echo wholeheartedly; is a  Western style rider and competes with his brother-in-law Ty in team roping; birthday October 18th, 1976 (As portrayed by Enchanted star James Marsden)

Ezra Paul "Grandaddy" Dennis: 65; Echo’s grandfather; originally from Chicago; owns his own construction company; dotes on his granddaughter something awful; been married to his wife Gloria for 45 years; they live three doors down from son and granddaughter; does his best to help his son; birthday March 5th, 1946 (As portrayed by According to Jim star James Belushi)

Gloria Persimmon "Nanny" Dennis: 62; Echo’s grandmother; adores her granddaughter; will never forgive Amanda for leaving Echo; is the bookkeeper for Ezra's construction company; been married to Ezra Dennis for 45 years; supports her son with every endeavor; introduced Holly Mae Marshall to Eli; birthday March 28th, 1949 (As portrayed by country music star Reba McEntire)

Holly Mae Marshall-Dennis: 30; Echo's step-mother; was originally set up with Eli by Gloria when Echo was five; has a son with Eli; is good friends with Eli's older sister Melanie; supports Echo in her riding, even though she's terrified of horses; is a second grade teacher; Eli finally proposes on Mother's Day; birthday July 4th, 1981 (As portrayed by Safe Haven star Julianne Hough)

Elijah Isaac Dennis: 7; Echo's younger half-brother; is a very sporty kid, plays soccer in the spring and summer and pee-wee football in the fall; thinks Echo's style of riding in boring; is given a horse to train which he names Boone; is terrified of snakes; follows around the ranch hand Jackie Boy like a little shadow; wants to start training for junior rodeo; birthday January 23rd, 2004 (No portrayal at this time)

The Halstons

Melanie Ruby "Aunt Mellie" Dennis-Halston: 37; Echo’s aunt; older sister of Eli; married to Tyler Jones, a career Navy man; owns Stormcreek Plantation outside Charleston; like Echo, she had dreams of making the Olympics but a devastating injury kept her from achieving her dream; supports Echo in everything she does; will never forgive Amanda for abandoning Echo; adores sister-in-law Holly Mae; English style rider; birthday February 10th, 1974  (As portrayed by Days of Our Lives star Alison Sweeney)

Lieutenant Tyler Andrew "Uncle Ty" Halston: 41; Echo’s uncle; retired from the Navy; competed in Eventing while in the Navy; owns Stormcreek Plantation; bought Flyleaf for Echo when she was eight; helps her train in Dressage and Show Jumping; rides both English and Western styles; birthday October 21st, 1970 (As portrayed by The Outsiders star Rob Lowe)

Mrs. Corrine Cassius Halston: 76; Tyler’s mother; sold the family plantation Stormcreek to her son; comes from old Southern money; has a membership at Cumberland Resolute Country Club and Equestrian Center; pays for Echo’s dressage lessons at the center; once owned a horse that won the Kentucky Derby; attends the Derby every year; birthday February 18th, 1935 (As portrayed by I Dream of Jeannie star Barbara Eden)

Stormcreek Plantation 

Becky Louisa "Miss Becky" Kingston: 43; is Aunt Melanie’s best friend; is the groomer for Stormcreek Plantation; is an excellent cook; doesn’t ride; birthday January 12th, 1969 (As portrayed by Hairspray star Ricki Lake)

Jack Peter Kingston: 43; Becky’s husband; retired Navy; served with Ty; runs Stormcreek Plantation with Ty; is Ty’s right hand man; good friends with Eli; has a way with horses; is a Western style rider; birthday March 19th, 1969 (As portrayed by The Dark Knight star Aaron Eckhart)

Jack “Jackie Boy” Peter Kingston Jr.: 26; son of Becky and Jack Kingston; is the stable hand, jack of all trades at Stormcreek; dating Natalie Richards; they become engaged; travels with Echo when she goes to shows to help with the horses; rides Western style; teaches Elijah how to rope; birthday April 4th, 1986, (As portrayed by Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian star Ben Barnes)

Natalie Hannah Richards: 25; Jackie Boy’s fiancĂ©; is in vet school; lives with Jackie Boy at the plantation; is learning to ride English style; birthday July 23rd, 1987 (As portrayed by Mean Girls star Lacey Chabert)

Echo's Friends & Windsong Academy Faculty 

Deacon Jensen Cabot: 17; student at Windsong Academy; has a serious crush on Echo; is the object of Brittany Cumberland's affections, but doesn't return them; is best friends with Taggart Bolton, uses the friendship to get information about Echo; is the only son of Mayor April Cabot and lawyer Shaun; owns a red Ford F-150; doesn’t ride, but learns for Echo; birthday March 25th, 1994 (As portrayed by American Idol season 10 winner Scotty McCreery)

Taggart "Tag" Adam Bolton: 17; Echo’s best friend; best friends with Deacon Cabot; has been restoring an old Ford Bronco with Eli; is head over heels in love with Brittany Cumberland, who doesn't give him the time of day; plans to join the Navy when he graduates; acts like a big brother to Echo; is a Western style rider; works at the plantation on weekends and in the summer; February 28th, 1994 (As portrayed by iCarly star Nathan Kress)

Brittany “Britta” Gail Cumberland: 16; Echo’s archrival in riding; has a thing for Deacon but he won’t give her the time of day; has a whole team of people helping her with her training and shows; attends Windsong as well and does everything she can to make Echo’s life miserable; as yet to actually beat Echo; is an English style rider; birthday September 23rd, 1996 (As portrayed by The Secret Life of Bees star Dakota Fanning)

Michelle Carson Davies: 16; Brittany's best friend; makes it her life's mission to make Echo’s life a living hell at Windsong; is an English style rider; only competes in Show Jumping; birthday November 18th, 1996 (As portrayed by Jessie star Peyton List)

Mrs. Regina Downey: Echo's English teacher; faculty advisor for the National Honor Society (As portrayed by Academy Award winning actress Sandra Bullock)

Mr. Liam Gregory: Echo's World History teacher; Deacon's baseball coach (As portrayed by Silver Linings Playbook star Bradley Cooper)

The Horses of Stormcreek Plantation and Cumberland Resolute 

Flyleaf: An Eight year old PRE stallion; given to Echo when she was eight; has been trained by Echo

Hobbit: Four year old American Quarter Horse filly of Reba and Redneck

Duchess Georgiana "Jorja": An eight year old PRE; bought for Brittany Cumberland after Echo got hers; doesn't fully trust Brittany because Brittany doesn't take the time to train her

Reba: A ten year old American Quarter Horse; is Melanie's horse; mother of Hobbit; mate of Redneck

Redneck: A twelve year old American Quarter Horse; Ty's horse; father of Hobbit; mate to Reba

Sherlock: A ten year old Tennessee Walking Horse; Eli's horse; Deacon learns to ride on Sherlock

Boone: A three year old Appaloosa; Elijah's horse; bought for him by Ty; Elijah's learning roping and rodeo events on him